viraPROTECT® plus

Surface Disinfectant

Alcohol and aldehyde free high-performance disinfectant-cleaning
agent with broadband efficacy
against viruses, including Sars-CoV-2

Areas of application

viraPROTECT® Plus surface disinfectant can be used in all areas and on most surfaces, especially in:

  • Hospitals and medical practices
  • Food packaging and processing
  • Retirement and nursing homes
  • Hospitality
  • Public buildings and schools
  • Public transportation
  • Retail and workplaces


Main advantages

  • Limits Virucidal Plus according to the definition of the Robert Koch Institute and DVV
  • Cleans and disinfects even in the presence of dirt, blood and proteins
  • DVG- and VAH-compliant

Quality product made in Germany.

Highest standards and sustainable supply guaranteed.

General product information / key benefits

  • Broad spectrum efficacy: highly effective against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, including Sars-CoV-2, bacteria, fungi and spores.

  • Fulfils the requirement ‘‘Limited Virucidal Plus”, according to the definition of the Virucidal Working Group of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Expert Group of the DVV (German Association for Combating Viral Diseases)

  • Effective against adeno, Vaccinia, Noro and Rota viruses

  • Also effective in case of heavy organic contamination

  • Acid free

  • Aldehyde free

  • Effective in all water conditions

  • Compatible with most washable surfaces

  • Suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, e.g., metal, wood, glass and plastics

  • Suitable for the hygiene of surfaces in hospitals and medical practices

  • No release of vapors, aerosols or odors that irritate the respiratory tract

  • Excellent environmental tolerance

  • Short exposure times

BAuA no. 94019

viraPROTECT® Plus surface disinfectant is an alcohol- and aldehyde-free high-performance disinfectant with excellent microbiocidal performance and broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.

Safety instructions

The safety data sheet for viraPROTECT® Plus can be made available on request. It should be made available, read, and understood by all supervisors and employees before using this product.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What differentiates this product from other products on the market?

viraPROTECT® Plus surface disinfection is one of only a very few liquid, alcohol-, aldehyde- and chlorine-free surface disinfectants that are certified by the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH) as recommended by the Robert Koch Institute for the use of disinfectants in the hospital sector. It thus meets a much higher quality standard than most other alcohol, aldehyde- and chlorine-free surface disinfectants.


Which advantages do I get by using this product?

viraPROTECT® Plus surface disinfection combines the quality of surface disinfection according to the medical standards of the Robert Koch Institute with the material and environmental friendliness of alcohol-, aldehyde- and chlorine-free surface disinfection.

If you do not want to use alcoholic or aldehyde- and chlorine-containing disinfectants, e.g. because of their poor material compatibility, the associated fire and environmental risks or for ethical and religious reasons, but still do not want to do without a product of medical quality, then viraPROTECT® Plus surface disinfection is the means of choice for you.


Will surfaces be affected?

viraPROTECT® Plus surface disinfection is extremely gentle on all surfaces. In particular, viraPROTECT® Plus surface disinfectant does not attack acrylic glass (Plexiglas®), therefore, unlike the use of alcoholic disinfectants, does not lead to opacity of protective glass. For material compatibility in the disinfection of medical devices, please refer to the manufacturer‘s recommendations or the technical data sheets and safety data sheets.


Is the product flammable or classified as dangerous good?

viraPROTECT® Plus Disinfectant is non-flammable and not classified as dangerous good for transport, storage or use. Its ingredients are outstandingly biodegradable.


Can the product be used with wipe dispenser systems?

viraPROTECT® Plus surface disinfection can be used with almost any common wipe dispenser systems. It is a perfect fit with the Desibox system. The usage of
Desibox combines the highest level of disinfection with an optimized economic efficiency.


Can the products be transferred into other containers/refilled?

Unlike alcoholic disinfectants, viraPROTECT® Plus Surface Disinfectant can be transferred or refilled without issue. Since the product is broadband effective and sporicidal, no relevant contamination will occur during the transfer process.

Hence, we are also able to offer environmentally friendly refill packs and large containers for self-bottling by bulk buyers.


Quality product made in Germany.
Highest standards and sustainable
supply guaranteed.